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I'm sure you all saw this coming. The infrequent posting, the lack of personality, the drifting - it all comes down to this. I'm leaving this blog. Probably not forever, but possibly. I don't know when i'll be back.. if i'll be back. There's nothing on this blog for me anymore, to be honest. I don't find enjoyment in what I post here and it's become more of a job and hassle to have to force myself to login, even just every few days. I've thought about giving my blog away and also deleting it, but I know I could never bring myself to do it. This tumblr has shaped me into who I am today, no doubt about it. So, i'm leaving it here as a sort of time capsule that I may or may not ever dig up again. Thank you so much to all the people I've met via this blog, I won't forget any of you. You all and tylerosey will be misssed dearly. Please, please contact me on sugas ♡